K008 Photographic Time Recorder
Easy to Set-up, Easy to use

High function time recorder with camera, images capture for added security.
Basic parameter
Dimensions: 220mm*125mm*58mm
Weight: 1.07 kg
Color: Black
Working Temperature: -10 C to + 45 C
Card type: ID card
320 x 240 TFT LCD Screen
Reading Range: 5-10 cm
Transaction Capacity: 30,000
Language: English
User Capacity: No limit
Electric Parameter
Input Voltage: 85v ~265v
Working Current: 50 mA
Working Frequency: 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz

The eagle*s eye K008 ※simpleton§ type photographic time recorder
1.Installed 320℅240 TFT LCD, a big LCD screen of 3.2 size and 5 navigating keys, the eagle*s eye K008 ※simpleton§ type photographic time recorder can set up various record option and search all time information and colorful photos quickly and conveniently without a computer. The normal, late and early departure will be shown on the screen with different color. And the photograph can be shown when a card is induced every time.
2. Installed bulky memorizer, the eagle*s eye K008 ※simpleton§ type photographical time recorder can save 30,000 stocks of induced cards and backup the records. In the same time, the eagle*s eye K008 ※simpleton§type photographic time recorder can save about 30,000 photos and ten thousand photographic images. And the number of the check-in employees is unlimited.When the space of the memory is full, the photos that are taken at first are deleted. The photos adopt the compression method, so the color and the complicated degree of photos will affect the compression status. The photographic capacity takes the single background pattern as the standard.
3. After installed the door access system, the time recorder can send out 2000 card numbers. To the nonexistent cards in the file of the time recorder, it shows them irregularities and alarms when they are induced. Users can purchase the remote control receiver module to start up the electromagnetic door access system. (An electromagnetic door access system can start up 2 doors in the same time)
4. In the alarm time, the time recorder sends out the remote control alarm signal and takes a photo every three seconds at the same time once it finds any different photos. When the photo doesn*t change any more and ※the alarm-ring minutes§ finish, the time recorder sends out the end signal to end the function. Users can purchase the remote control receiver module to start up the alarm-ring device.
5. The time recorder possesses the intelligent kinescope control:
The time spans of kinescope can be set up in a flexible way. The time recorder takes photos only when images change obviously. So the time of kinescope can be consumedly prolonged.
6. The time recorder provides two standard ※USB§ ports. The data can be set up and collected by the computer or the ※U§ disk.
7. The time recorder has 6 segments of time spans about giving the correct time and remotely controlling to ring. When the time is up, the remote control signal and ringing devices are started up.
8. The time recorder has batteries inside. When the power is full, they can keep on work 4 hours after the external power cuts and the data can be permanently kept.
9. The time recorder can remotely control the door access system and give alarm. There is a radio-eradiation module inside and the effective distance is 5-10 meters if there are no interference devices and barriers.
10. Installed the simple attendance software version, the software can automatically adapt three types of languages about the operational system: Chinese, English and traditional Chinese. And the user needn*t set the software in the computer.

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