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The introduction of HongKong CLICK Tec. IT products
I. The CLICK LCD Network Terminal
Our terminal uses embedded Windows CE .Net operating system and supports the connection with.Windows 2000 Server via Microsoft RDP v5.1 protocol and Citrix ICA 6.2098 protocol. It comes with LCD monitor in an integral design, which is small and light. All the terminal application programs are installed on the server, so no single program is required to be installed by the client, and it is plug&play. It's a safer system, with easier maintenance.
The CLICK LCD Network terminals are widely used in network construction in fields including Office, Finance, Education etc.

II . CK Bar Code identification terminals
As a Bar code identification terminal specially developed for the network administrative system, it uses CCD Infrared induction photography technology; the bar code is identifiable without touch, and the rate of recognition is high. The adoption of the touch keyboard, close structure makes the terminal usable in a bad environment such as workshops, and the internal big-screen color LCD monitor facilitates the users enquiry of various data
CK Bar Code identification terminals are mainly used in the collection and procession of spot data of the network administrative system, spot supervision and control of devices, check of work attendance and so on
Main technical index:
l Internal 10BASE-T Ethernet control interface, bootable into WIN2000, NOVELL server
l Various bar codes identifiable including CODE39, EAN, INTERLEAVE and etc

l 256 color, 320*240 LCD display, internal Chinese fonts
l Internal battery, work on despite power-off.

III Embedded CETR386 mainboard
Embedded CETR386 mainboard uses Intel high performance 32bit embedded microprocessor 386EX as its CPU. It provides a fully PC compatible environment for the running of application programs through the realization of PC/DOS compatibility. The CETR386 board has a 10Mbps Ethernet interface (10BASE-T) and two serial ports. It also includes a Flash file system for FLASH memory which enables the access of flash memory to be equally as quick and convenient as normal disk file system CETR386 are mainly used in fields including intelligent terminals,industrial automation, network-based TCP industrial controllers etc.
Main technical index:
48MHz Intel 386EX High-performance, 32-bit microprocessor
2M byte system RAM, 512K byte Flash memory, with disk file driver software interface.
10BASE-T Ethernet control interface, NE2000 compatible
Two standard RS232 serial ports, 34 parallel I/O, definable as reduced expansion bus
Management of reporting & dispatch for public buses.
Voltage of power supply: 5V5%; Working current: 400mA
Mini-size: 76mm*71mm.
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