1. Built-in 2 million pixel high-resolution infrared camera, which can effectively avoid buddy punching;
2. The Configuration of the backstage face comparison will judge the buddy punching automatically;
3. Built-in ID and IC antenna wire. The primary built-in ID proximity card reader head can be replaced by the IC proximity card reader;
4. The time recorder with built-in battery will continually work last to more than 6 hours after power failure;
5. Smart video monitor with video resolution reach to 640*480 color image;
6. Face capture and access remote control. With the same function of access contorl server, it can be set to open different doors for different people in one time recorder. Support over 3000 access cards;
7. The function of video remote control alarm is able to alarm by remote control when people go across during the setting time;
8. Built-in wireless transmit module supports the functions of access remote control and alarm. The effective distance can be more than 10 metres in the situation of without interruption and obstruction;
9. Configured 320 × 240 true color 3.2〃LCD big screen. Key 5 is the direction key;
10. With the function of writing protection, the built-in USB mass storage device can store more than 60,000 attendance records, thousands of images and long recording time;
11. Equip with USB and TCP/IP interface;
12. Remote control the ring for different periods of commuter time.