Function Description:
To subvert the traditional management model, full integration of mobile information and communication enterprise management system, thus breaking the time and space constraints, to achieve truly paperless mobile office, to improve management efficiency, is a set of best match the characteristics of office management of Chinese enterprises software.
* Mobile phone anytime, anywhere through the establishment of common tasks, the system automatically issued via text messages and track the entire process of task execution.
* Certificate-based messaging, mobile technology, across time and space constraints, a real sense to do paperless mobile office.
* The most effective way of tracking service, a comprehensive understanding of customer feedback and satisfaction with the services increase the company's service brand.
* Telephone records management, and smart phones with achieving the overall management of service calls to ensure quality of service.
* Monitor the attendance at the machine with the 3G to achieve staff attendance, work status monitoring, real-time remote management
* Within an hour Society, no additional hardware investment and professional and technical staff support.