1.Built-in 3G communication module, with any Internet-connected mobile phones and computers for high-speed communications, remote real-time monitoring and data downloads.
2.With the infrared video alarm function can also be monitored at night into the illegal workers. And the video information is sent to the designated mobile phone.
3.Interval of 0.1 seconds per frame image capture, with intelligent video surveillance, video resolution of 420-line high-definition color images.Wide-angle lens configuration, monitoring a wider range.
4.Equipped with unique electronic locks to prevent the arbitrary demolition.Solid shell material, to prevent vandalism.
5.Configuration 320 × 240 True Color 2.8 〃 large-screen LCD screen, 5 button navigation button, without the need to connect a computer can quickly and easily check all of the attendance information and color images.
6.Built-in 1G large-capacity USB storage devices with write protection can store up to 100,000 long video recording
7.Dual USB interface, can be directly connected to a computer to transmit data, but also through the regular U disk to download 3G module or an external remote real-time monitoring and data acquisition.
8.Built-in Chinese, English, simplified version of red tape recording attendance management software, without having to install software on your computer.