Click on smart phone is based on IP voice technology-oriented enterprises, SOHO owners, high-end home users, especially customer service personnel to use the smart business office products. With this combination of high scientific and technological achievements of the smart phone, you can overall supervision, management, customer service phone, improve service quality, while enjoying the more convenient and efficient cost-effective business office life. The phone supports caller ID (network support required to PSTN), which is connected through the USB interface with a computer without the need to install drivers will be able to support Windows2000/XP/2003/VISTA system that supports USB2.0 and USB Audio 1.0 standard work. Can be used as fixed-line phone, you can also tie in with the Internet tools, such as SKYPE, msn, QQ, etc. for voice calls; this phone offers PC client management software, you can easily address book management, call management, recording and Answering Machine, Telephone Ringtones management operations.