1. One frame / 0.1 sec. Smart recording monitor with video resolution up to 420-line of color high-resolution image. Wide-angle lens provides wider monitoring area;
2. Face capture and remote access control. With the same function of access contorl server, it can be set to open different doors for different people in one machine. Support over 3000 access cards;
3. The function of infrared video and remote control alarm will monitor the intrusion of unauthorized person during the night;
4. Built-in wireless transmit module support the functions of access remote control and alarm. The effective distance can be more than 10 metres in the situation of without interruption and obstruction;
5. The configuration of original electronic lock prevents from random removing. Solid shell material, prevent man-made destruction;
6. Sign in by ID proximity card;
7. Configured 320 × 240 true color 2.8〃LCD big screen. Key 5 as the direction key helps check all attendance informations and color images quickly and conveniently without connecting with the computer;
8. With the function of writing protection, the built-in 1G USB mass storage device can store 10,000 attendance video records at most;
9. Dual USB interfaces support transfer data by connecting with the computer directly, but also downloading by common U disk. External 3G modules achieves remote real-time monitoring and data collection;
10. Built-in simple version video attendance management software with Chinese, English and Traditional Chinese characters, no need to installl software to computer.