1. Patent product with the functions of night watcher, illumination, self protection and emergency lamp;
2. Compact and fully enclosed waterproof structure. The lens is made of the meterial of bullet-proof glass. There is no key-
press in the machine. The use of moving switch which swing the night watcher to turn on or off. The communication and charging interface is made of compact aviation connect;
3. The adoption of RF proximity technology with non-touch proximity makes easy operation and no wear and tear;
4. LED luminous technology ensures high luminance and low energy consumption. The longevity is hundreds times of the ordinary light bulb;
5. More than 10,000 patrol locations can be set up with large capacity;
6. Built-in imported original binding rechargeable battery with large capacity. Distribute charger acompany with the machine;
7. Attached special patrol spot which is non-touching, waterproof, no wear and tear, and no power;
8. Distribute Chinese and English standard software and advanced software.