1. Free wiring design. The Configuration of the data collector will transfer data to the computer through the collector;
2. The collector with patent technology is in small size, needless to use electric power. 1MB large capacity not only ues for data collection, but also data backup (60,000 attendance records backup). If the data be damaged, it can be recovered by the data collector. One data collector is able to collect the data from many time recorders for once;
3. With the function of history data storage, k688\k530 will recover the data from the machine if the data in the computer is unusual;
4. Low radiation, high reliability. The electrical index in quality inspectation of State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision reaches A level standard;
5. Low energy consumption with built-in battery, it will continuallly work last to 8 hours after power failure;
6. Standard attendance software with cartoon demonstration and advanced attendance software with powerful functions will be sent with machine.