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Quality Control

Click to technology research and development of products to a known stable and reliable, especially in the security of data, to achieve the best similar products. But as products become increasingly complex, increasingly high demand of production, relying on small-scale mode of production can not meet the quality requirements. In order to achieve mass production, simplify the structure, improve product quality and compatibility. Click to science and technology co-operation with Taiwan, a chip manufacturer developed a chip for the camera Attendance Machine offers a new solution. However, as eager to do market promotion, not the chip to do the full application of environmental assessment and testing, produced a batch of issues, in order to reduce this loss to the dealer agent, click on technology for the batch move back and give distribution by certain compensation. To this end click on absorbing a major loss. Through this event, click on the full understanding that, for an R & D and innovation as the core of the scientific and technological enterprises, not just relying on past experience, but the establishment of an advanced experimental test conditions on the reliability of the product objective assessment of in order to shorten the maturity of product cycles. At the same time should establish a comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure production quality. To this end click on invested tens of million to establish the reliability of the EMC laboratories and laboratories, significantly reduce stereotyping time, which in the same industry may also be unique. And click on the production license based on ISO9001 and state assessment requirements, the establishment of a complete set of quality assurance system to ensure production quality and meet the quality requirements.
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